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About US

Expert Automation Control Systems

Ideal Process and Automation is based in Victoria Australia and have built a name for ourselves as specialists in the process and automation control systems field.  For any company with machinery and processes and who are wishing to increase productivity, quality, safety, operational clarity,  and reduce operating, maintenance and rework costs, we build effective systems, using high quality off-the-shelf products in a customised arrangement to accurately target your company goals.

Our team of specialist staff have experience in a wide range of industries including:
• Water Infrastructure
• Manufacturing and OEM Machinery Builders• Food and Beverage
• Pulp and Paper• Petro-Chemical
• Oil and Gas• Materials Handling and Refining

Purpose and Vision

Ideal Process and Automation is on a persistent journey to innovate and push the boundaries of advancement of System Delivery and Customer Service. Our product selection and services are designed to improve the lives of our customers with superior functionality and reliability. Our operations are to act in harmony and sustainability within the natural environment. In facilitation of this journey, we aim to provide a creative, supportive and happy commercial environment which maintains symbiotic alliances with all stakeholders and an atmosphere of professional excellence.


  • A Safe Workplace – Minimise Risk and enhance the Safety of all
  • Sustainability – Undertake our operations in a sustainable way and safeguard the Environment
  • Teamwork – Work in harmony, respect one another and use our strengths for the greater good
  • Excellence – Strive to be the best we can, lead by example to achieve our Purpose and Vision
  • Integrity – Open and honest communication
  • Performance – Develop our team, develop our product, reward excellence
  • Balance – Wherever possible, be balanced in our approach to work and family
  • Diversity – accept and promote human diversity