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Experts in Automation, Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control

IDEAL Process and Automation is proud to provide complete automation systems, including:

  1.  Consultancy
  2.  Design
  3.  Project Management & Documentation
  4.  Drafting
  5.  Installation
  6.  Programming
  7.  Testing & Commissioning
  8.  Manuals
  9.  Training
  10.  24-7-365 Support
  11.  Power Quality Monitoring/Logging
Expert Automation Systems & Services

Water Treatment

IDEAL Process and Automation can provide major upgrades to facilities, supplying end-to-end monitoring, control and safety automation solutions to ensure system reliability.

New software platform streamlines water management:  automated monitoring,  historical performance, simpler interface for faster access.



Food and Beverage:

  1. Reduce waste
  2. Process improvement.
  3. Processing traceability.
  4. Risk and safety assessments.  
  5. Meeting government regulations and Austrian Standards.
  6. Machine and safety control system. 
  7. Batch and processing control.
  8. Performance monitoring and recording. 






Typical Systems

    Typical Systems include:

  1.  Scada PCs/Servers, HMI’s and mobile devices, including History Recording and Reporting, SMS and Email alarming.
  2.  Process and Automation Control, including PLC’s, PAC’s,  networking, motor starters including VSD/VFD’s, and field sensors.
  3.  Telemetry Systems, including licensed or unlicensed radio, wired and/or wireless IP, open or proprietary networks and Radio Path Surveys.
  4.  Process Control and Instrumentation, including certified instrument calibrations, traceable to NATA standards.
  5.  Complete system documentation and training.
  6.  Power Logging for quality compliance and cost savings